I'm going to the track who's down?

I'm going to Sacramento on Sat for grudge night gates open at 4 first race is at 6. Also going to Infineon raceway on Wed. I will be running my 87 GN last time I went I was running low 13's on stock tires I'm trying to buy some DR to put me into mid 12's.


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im down

**** im down for sat let me know time and place if anyone wnats to ride back to back also for infineon might test my stock gn see where is at
Looks like ima be on stock tires again, and that good methanol.. stocl tires really killing my times by like a sec. I can't launch the car with any boost so my 60ft is not good. Last time I ran with DR it was like night and day. Should be good fun with other guys with TR...

so when you going back to the track?
i assume after you sort out the issues that came up on your last visit to the track...
come out next time blackstallion comes out
Track day

How about going march 20th to sac raceway?
berto takin his car for test n tune.
It would be a good race between you two like
old times!