I'm creating flush mount quarter windows


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OK, So I can get everyone straight, if your %100 sure your going to buy a set if I can keep them at the original price, then send me a PM


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So that we don't have to search through pages and pages what was the price? I would be greatly interested in at least 2 sets. I would just want to be sure somebody honest was doing it and I wouldn't get burnt like some of these guys were


Hey Chance. Start a new thread.

I'm sure the site will work with you on fees considering what happened here and since this guy supposedly paid the fee and didn't follow thru and people were burnt thousands of dollars in total.

Best of luck.


The detectives I work with are looking to see how many people paid him besides me there gonna contact the local Pd and get this guy picked up just need to get a idea how much cash changed hands. I had hoped it wouldn't come to his but I am tired of chasing this guy around. Please PM me or list it here.