If anybody bought parts from alpine 455 he is selling my stolen parts please contact me!!!!!!


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I think the butler did it with the maid in the dining room with a candle stick, ohh dammit i got that all mixed up, lol, jK, actually i do feel for the OP, getting taken like this really bites, hope he gets some compensation back...


What's the preps name?

Also Ltdan chimed in earlier in the thread and he's a newb.

Do any of the 3 IP's match?

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Oh I totally agree. And I hope they whoop his ass and put him in the "at risk" portion of the state prison. A little HIV will do him well, that's if he doesn't have it already.

Chuck Leeper

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Just my opionion ... He is still on this forum . Reading everything to try and stay ahead of the crime . He is on here as a new member i would say . Dumb criminals always return to the scene of the crime.
I enjoy reading the comments . Real world sh*t .
Sucks for the victims . Hope it all works out
he hasn't logged on for some time...
Do any of the 3 IP's match?



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You keyboard cowboys are stupid as hell. I came on here to help, everything I posted was FACTS if you don't believe me? Call Plymouth Police (They have the report about Corey's stolen parts), Call Detroit absconder unit (Eric is an absconder from parole/probation), Call Detroit arson investigation unit (Eric had a warrant for the last month related to a fire)...
You guys are psycho... charlief1 please take my info down. I helped you guys and this what I get?
Hell, ask Limitedwo2 I spoke with him on the phone and the OP whose stuff was stolen can vouch for me.

Oh ya, lastly. Eric Kanack (The guy that scammed you guys) was arrested yesterday. Your welcome... now edit the posts about me please.

I'll edit my post here:

Ttypekid is bad ass (if all the above is true). Good job keeping us informed dude.