Identify turbo Bowling Green customs BG3400 & BG4800 Turbo


Does anyone (have to be old like me) remember what the turbos BGC marketed under BG3400 and BG 4800. I have this turbo I got from them back in the 90's and just curious what it is. I believe it is a TE44 or a TE60 and physically appears as one of these. The turbo whine is much higher and distinct than other 44 or 49's I have ran. More curious thanks anything and thought maybe some old timers here would remember. This was a very long time ago and I remember telling John "just send me the baddest thing you got" haha... Did not have a clue what I was doing but learned over the years as we all did. Poped head gasket always cools you down on the boost craze. I don't have any pictures but if I did you would see what looks like a TE44/60. Slower to spool than 44/49's I have been in but seems stronger on hight end.