I need to get rid of this stuff.


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Guys, I have literal boxes full of stuff. I am letting most of it go for cheap, as it is just taking up space.
ALOT of it is just miscellaneous items, but may be useful to someone!
WIll take pictures upon request, this is just a SLIVER of stuff I have.

14 Bolt oil pan - $30.00
Headlight bezels- QTY - 2, (theyre in pretty bad shape, one has a corner missing) - $25.00
Crossover pipe for stock manifolds, flanges need to be repaired. $30.00
Rear window trim, CHROME- $40.00
Complete set of N/A / Hotair accessory pullies (crank pulley w/o trigger wheel included) $50.00
Trunk lid trim piece, CHROME- $20.00
Driver side mirror for a GN, adjustable, has some scratches. $35.00
Radio/A/C bezel off a regal - $15.00
Factory oil filler cap/neck - $45.00
HVAC controls - $20.00
Gear selector cover, wood grain (off a regal I believe) - $10.00
Excellent condition Passenger Side Taillight, CHROME trim - $60.00 - SOLD*****
NOS 3.8 SFI Turbo badge for hood (only one) - $25.00 - SOLD*******
Factory AC Delco Radio- Equalizer unit. I believe cassette player doesn't function properly. $125.00
Astroroof glass- has one small scratch. barely noticable. WILL need a new seal. $50.00
Factory GN 8.5" Carrier, NON POSI - $75.00
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First inline, pending pic:

Passenger Side Taillight, Chrome Trim

Do you have a 20 bolt oil pan?
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TTT, I have a bunch of miscellaneous stuff that I have not posted yet. Let me know if you are looking for anything. Thanks


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How about a mounting plate that goes under the coil pack and module? I'd have powdercoated so doesn't need to be that nice.


Texas, Where are you from
Looking for stock a/c lines for an 86-87. Hard part just needs to not be bent as I plan to have the rubber replaced with the barrier type hose. Shipping to 76017