I F**k people to make bucks


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I miss living in Brooklyn ny. Florida is so depressing. We took this place sight unseen and it’s all meth heads, homeless people giving you this long story about how they need money for a bus ticket. Then you watch them buy a beer. I wish I could afford to move back to ny but cost of living doubled since I left. :(


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Lol.... Bison may be a lot of things but Dishonest is the LAST thing that dude is. He aint cheap tho! I had him do some work to my last GN and it was WAY more then I thought it was gonna be in the end lol. Not his fault, mine.

I told him to just build it right and Bison doesn't cut corners or hack anything so he did just that..... built it right. Nothing built right Turbo Buick is gonna be cheap. if one hasn't come to terms with that yet they own the wrong car.

He does it RIGHT and guess what ur gonna pay for it! He got all his money in the end and I got all my car and it was badass. :cool: Sold it but it came out really freakn nice and in the end I wasn't whining about it anymore cause I got what I payed for!

Don't want top notch work done go somewhere else. There are plenty of ppl out there to chose from but few that eat, shit, breath TR.

I needed some work done on my Turbo for my Hayabusa Motorcycle and it needed a special fitting taped and drilled and it was a LOT of freakn work and he did that shit for FREE! He said it broke his balls and spent hours on it lol but he wasn't giving up and it came out Perfect!:) Thanx Bro! That would have been $250-350 if I had to send out to Precision!

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its not the bad press i was not referring to that at all, it shit like that old ass vindictive link you just put up that problem is gone that's just put there to hurt someone it served no other purpose. That's what this has turned into, not problem solving or information sharing, Why do you think so many left this place? because of shit like that so own it. And yes since I started this website and owned it for a long time I think I have the right to say I was here first without me you would not be here at all.


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I didn't see a vindictive link at all, the guy kept the part and moved on, just like you I guess.

Your memory of the old days is a bit cloudy through those rose colored glasses, and for your information I have never received a bad part or product from Full Throttle, not one.

My point which sailed a bit high for you, is nobody is immune to bad press that would include past and present vendors and customers, nothing has changed but the speed at which the internet brings the info.

I was on dialup when your board was around. :p

Stick around and read and contribute, otherwise you are just another basher...


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Not to get side tracked....but due to the internet, news travels fast. It'll behoove that vendor to reach out to the customer and try to rectify the situation to avoid any negative feedback.

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This place is paradise compared to fuckbook. Us old timers on this site know all the good vendors and bad vendors. Over there, its a trouble maker’s world. You’ll find all the people that have negative feedback here peddling their parts over there. One of the many reasons I deactived my shortlived membership.