I am selling out! Probobly moving to East Coast. ALL MUST GO!


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I am selling out. I have ALOT of stuff. Turbos's mainly all stock, most need rebuilding, several power masters, two parts cars both rare ones, a We4 10 sec car with 6 point cage and a brand new motor with a 4.1 knife edge crank and Vasselnook Busch Grand National heads, too much to list but I will be putting more details up here shortly. Also My own personal WE4 and our GNX #188 as well ALL must go. I also still have 2) BRAND NEW GM CRATE MOTORS 3.8 Never run except on propane when they broke them in at factory. I mean BRAND NEW not rebuilt complete from Maf to oil pan. All sensors ready to drop in. I mean COMPLETE!! I cannot tell you how complete they are.
If you are looking for something PlEASE email me at ostermanent@aol.com and I will reply to all. It may take me a day or so but I WILL return the call asap. Leave name, area of country , Date, and a good phone number along with good email. SERIOUS INQURIES ONLY. Please do not waste my time as I don't have much these days.
  1. Late note, Just picked up a new load of pans as most were sold before I could place ad but still have a couple for Xmas gifts if need be. I will also be still doing the pans from Wherever we end up so that will be continuing.
  2. Happy Holidays everyone and be safe out there!.
I do and will always LOVE my Turbobuick Family.

Bruce Toelle
916-739-0510 message phone.

Sorry for the colors and fonts. My computer has been doing weird weird things this morning. Trying to resolve. Thanks for the understanding. BT WE4


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bring all the buick stuff to the east coast :)

I dont recommend Virginia unless its out toward the mountains but north Carolina is nice and not too far for me to travel ;)

you bringing my extreme wheels back LOL

Best wishes in your adventure Bruce


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BEst of luck...Are you out of the trans business and if so how long has it been since ...I remember you helping me on the phone with a shift kit of yours,second gear still hurts the 3rd owners neck,and that was like 10yrs ago...


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Finally had it huh? See you out here! I would love to have one of those engines!


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Probobly Florida to be with my Dad. Right now I am starting to liqudate to lighten the load so to speak. Got other family intrests to deal with right now. Yea, had it out here. I am still consulting and playing with trans'. Have alot of irons in the fire right now and the oil filters are doing well. What a product!. Still doing pans and sump kits ,in fact, just got some more done this week. Ready for Xmas....(Plug) Gotta start somewhere, it is not like we are going anywhere tommorrow as you have seen how much crap I got so looking to the future. Wife is not thrilled, (but when are they?) Still jumping that hurdle.....But got to pick a time to start and I believe that time has come.

Chuck Leeper

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Whew!! Thot when I saw "east coast", it could be NY, NJ, Conn.:eek: East coast of Fl. NOT BAD! At least it's close to GA!:D
GL w/ the move!

Rich Gio

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Whew!! Thot when I saw "east coast", it could be NY, NJ, Conn.:eek: East coast of Fl. NOT BAD! At least it's close to GA!:D
GL w/ the move!

No offense taken... :rolleyes: Wish you were coming to the "real" east coast (Or what's left of it :oops:) I'd LOVE to have one of those crate motors!


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I wish you the best in your move, I too was fed up with taxafornia, they give to the illegals
and take from the working!
I moved to Az, and have NEVER regretted it!
anything I can do to help, just lemme know,
take care old buddy!

I have room to store cars. parts etc, if you need! (30x50 shop on 7 ac)


sucks man but i wouldnt leave cali these dam taco trucks out here too dam good lol ,,,good luck man its never too late to start something new...