Hydroboost conversion help needed

Where are you guys finding rebuilt hydro-boost units at ? I checked locally and ordered one from Advanced Auto but it did not come with a mounting bracket so i sent it back. Both Orileys and Auto Zone say they do not show them in stock at the warehouse so are doubtful if they can get them anymore. I know i can buy a new system but im looking for rebuilt, trying to do this on a budget.


Texas, Where are you from
probably have to hit one of the guys in the parts section that parts out cars. I don't think any of the reman units come with the bracket. I got one from rockauto but it has been years ago. Bolted it in to the powermaster bracket . Lots of guys pulled a powermaster to do a vac swap. Just have to locate and acquire one.
Well this one from Rock Auto should be here in a couple days, fingers crossed that it has the bracket. If not I guess I will be on the hunt for one.