Hughes Performance deep oil pan

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Rob Lyons

I have a deep oil pan from Hughes performance that I am selling due to change of direction. My wife bought me the pan for Father’s Day however, 2 weeks after she bought the pan a good friend of mine gave me a 4l80e so that’s the direction I’m going in. The pan was never even taken out the box because 2 weeks was about the time it took me to finally get off my ass and just get it done and then my friend pops up with a 4l80e. I contacted Hughes Performance to see if they would just simply exchange the 2004r pan for the 4l80e pan and I pay the difference, but they kind of pushed me off and told me it would be my lost unless I could sale it on craigslist or something they’re exact words.
So I’m asking 230 + shipping if anyone is interested.


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