HRpartsNstuff going to Cecil event + BG Nat's

Just wanted to let everyone know that we (HRpartsNstuff) plan to attend the Cecil County MD event Sept 23rd-24th! We thought we couldn't make it since we are taking care of my mom with Alzheimer's and the wife had to work that weekend, but just so happens a mass layoff of all the LPN's at her hospital freed up our schedule! :rolleyes: And just to make it worse, her car broke down on the way to the mandatory meeting & had to be towed. I got her there just in time to clean out her locker. Nice to know 12 years of faithful service (and others with a LOT more) didn't mean a thing & were thrown to the curb.

If anyone is interested in making a PURCHASE and need us to bring the items to Cecil event, please call us ASAP so we can bring it with us. We are very low on inventory right now, and usually don't bring much on this trip, so need to know ahead of time to hook you up.

We are offering a cash discount deal to help out too, don't like giving it to the credit card processors if I can help it. Plus always good to save on shipping too, which can be $40-60 on a suspension package. We may leave on Monday 19th & get there early to hang out with some East Coast friends before the event (need the break after weeks of tax prep and sprayfoam the garage here). So best to let us know by Mon AM to be sure we can get it together & bring with us. If not in time, we can try to do what we can at the event, just stop by & see us there.

Sorry for the late notice, just wanted to offer something to help out & let people know we were going to the event. Hope to see you soon!
And we will also be at Bowling Green Nat's too! We usually bring more to that event, but always best to let us know ahead of time if you need something. That way we can have it there for you, and not sell out & have you miss out.