HRpartsNstuff CHRISTMAS special

We wanted to do a little something for Christmas this year. Been a couple years since we have been able to do anything, and didn't want to miss it this year as well.

Offer applies on items purchased directly from us.
Everything is NOT in stock, and some qty's are limited, and will be shipped on a first-come-first served basis.
PLEASE call in your order BEFORE 7pm on the 8th to have best chance to receive by Christmas.

Valid from 12/03/15 to 7pm EST on 12/08/15:

$25 off retail price of any HRpartsNstuff Swaybar kit (that's BELOW 2007's price!)

$20 off retail price of any HRpartsNstuff rear Control Arm package (uppers AND lowers)

$50 off retail price of any HRpartsNstuff rear SUSPENSION PACKAGE (Uppers+Lowers+Swaybar combo)

ALSO: Free US48 ground shipping (or discounts to other locations) on any retail order over $100
Valid from 12/03/15 to 7pm EST on 12/20/15 (I may be hard to reach from 12-10 to 12-12, leave a message and/or call back on Mon)

NOTE: Free shipping offer CAN be combined with the above discount offers.

Keep in mind that it has been YEARS since we have raised our retail prices, even as our material & processing costs & labor etc have been going up & up every year. Our competitors have been passing that increase along to the consumer. We have continually found ways to lower our overhead & expenses, while actually increasing the quality and craftsmanship of our products at the same time. Just an added bonus for you!

Thanks & wishing everyone a Merry CHRISTMAS & happy holiday season!
Please note the different dates the offers are valid,
discounts only good till the 8th, shipping offer is extended to the 20th.