How wide can I take T rims?


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I am in the process of setting up my car the way I want it. I want to be able to fit a MT ET street 295-55-15. I would like to make this happen with a full notch if at all possible. I have a Limited and don't wanna roll the lip because I am gonna keep all the trim on. Not the end of the world if I have too, its going a body shop over the winter, so I can have them roll it. I'm pretty confident I have to notch it all the way, but my real question is how much backspacing can I add to the stock rim with a full notch? Might as well make the rim as wide as I can so the tire will lay flat. Heck, I would consider a 325-50 if it would fit. I live within 5 minutes of Weldcraft so that is who will be doing it. I like the way the stockers look, plus I don't get too many second looks when I pull up to someone which I love.

I have all HR&Parts for the rear, adj uppers, fixed stock lowers, and their swaybar. Think they are new springs, but OEM so far as I can tell, and bilsteins. I'm going to redue the suspension later, just got drive-train sorted out this year. Body, this winter, then suspension next year.

Any help or insight would be greatly appreciated.


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Had True Design in Colorado widen my T/84 85 aluminium rims to 9.5". 295x15 50 fit, 325x50 need some fender rolling. Look almost original.
Went with 84/85 GN rims to clear Baer brakes - T rims required a spacer.


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I was thinking 9-9.5" for the rim. I think 9" is 5" of backspace? Did you notch your frame as well? I would imagine that you did, but I wanted to be clear.


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Mine aren't on the road yet but I did fit some 255/60 R15's on a 15x10 GN rim with 5.5 bs. It looks like I only need a 1/8" spacer to have them fit. This is UNnotched and UNrolled lip. They do tuck under nicely. My car is also lowered with old drop Eibachs and I do have aluminum drums. I think you will have more of a problem with the inner fender well than with your frame. Your 325/50's have a 13" section width (on a 10" tire) so you will have to have about 1.5" more clearance than I have. If you don't want to roll then you would be looking at around 6-6.25" bs. That is also almost a 28" tire too which would affect your inner fender well more.

One more thing to consider is that every .5" wider than the manufacturer's recommended mounting wheel width will increase your section width about .2" So your 325/50 (which is recommended on a 10") is 13" wide. On a 11" rim it would be about 13.4" wide.