How much was low timing hurting power?


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Well I'm try to get an idea here of how much power was being missed out on by running low timing.

short story..
I was running effectively 16 deg total advance at 28PSI. I went 9.16@150.2mph. How much do you think power wise I was hurting myself, compared to like 21deg at the same boost?


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I just was running what I thought was a conservative 18deg, but then found out that my crank reference angle was 2 degrees off. Which would net 16deg.

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I'm sure you would pick up some if u ran it at 20* . I would say each car is different some motors like timing more then boost some the oppsite. The only way to find out is turn it up acouple degrees at a time see what she likes . C16 you are being very conservative at even 18* .


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With C16 you are about 6-8 degrees away from where you need to be. I'm surprised the headers didn't melt off !!

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Just wondering if low timing is a big power killer.

Do you monitor EGT? Did you or have you noticed symptoms of increased heat fatigue of components like wire loom or plastic inner fender cover or header cracks?
Do you drive it often on the street? See those headers glowing at all?

BTW, Just adding a little more timing to the same tune/boost as when you ran your 9.16 ET may firmly place you in an 8 second run.:D not too shabby.

Advanced congratulations. You have an 8 second car, my friend.
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