How many 2012 + Regal GS owners?


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Hey, that Black car looks like mine but I have the chrome door handles. Great running car that almost checks all of the boxes. Looks great, handles great, brakes are amazing.... it's the modern version of the '84 Corvette. I have to update my sig.
I have a '14 Regal GS. Bought it in March of '16 with 9k mikes, and now have 26k. Great car and decent power. There is definite turbo lag though lol, almost as much as the GN! Anyway it's a fun car and gets some looks so that's kinda cool.


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I just bought a White 2013 GS with only 6000 miles on it. Only had it for 4 days. So far the only annoyance is the chrome bezel around the shifter. Here in sunny Florida it glares in my eyes and I have to hold my hand over it. Other than that the car is great and a joy to drive!
I cant believe they haven't changed that. I have a 2016 and its crazy in the sun. The chrome around the heater controls is blinding also.