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Greetings all:

With the passing of my son Ryan almost 8 years ago; I seemed to make the unconscious decision to abandon many things; Turbo Buicks being but one. I (and the family) moved from Fort Worth to the Denver area for a new start. That start has been very slow and strange; and I find that I’m overwhelmed with projects that I will never finish.

I’m not looking for deep sympathy as I realize that I am just one member of a very large group that have lost children. I will be looking for and asking for guidance to reduce the volume of Buick related things that I won’t have the time to enjoy.

When I was looking for help with my lost username and password to; I turned to charlief1. I thought nothing would change if I weren’t there to notice it. I thought that I’d simply be able to walk away; then step back in. Just another truth to the “you can never go back home” that I wasn’t ready for.

I am asking to come back home.

Many thanks for all the help in the past,

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I am sorry for your loss and although I have not lost a child, I did lose my wife last year to a long battle with cancer so I feel your pain. The people in this community and on here have always been good to me even when I struggled. Welcome back......

NO, welcome home.


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I'm sure many of us can relate, maybe it's best you came back. Sounds like you need this community.

I for one know exactly what you're saying about unconsciously abandoning things you love over trauma and the fact things look different when you go back.

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The grief that accompanies losing a child suddenly is unlike anything you will ever experience.... Grief is a process. There is never a point where you are suddenly "over it." You will get to a point where you can smile and laugh again. But, that doesn't mean that you are over the fact that you lost a child....The fact that you are willing to admit and share your feelings is exceptional ! ....I am sorry for your loss ... this forum is a great place to be and has a very family like feel to it ..I see you have been a member for a long time .. as corsair231 said welcome home !

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Been thinking of your post all afternoon and it makes me think of this song, I hope you can take some comfort in it.

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That's a tough pill to swallow my friend. 8 years is an awful long time to be in a period of sorrow and mourning. Ask yourself if your son would want you to be in such a state. Sounds like he was a very caring and giving person and he would want you to carry on to the fullest that life has to offer you for him. The fond and loving memories will never fade though. You're not alone.

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Sorry to hear about your loss, what part of Denver are you in. I live in Denver and I know a few other people in Denver on this web site plus one in the Springs area. I also know a couple of places that specialize on working on these Turbo cars that can help you from parts, advise, customizing, restoring, to doing the repairs. Give me a holla some time @ 720-771-3089...My name is Rodney