How far can i go with e85 and stock turbo


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Have a tt255 pump 60lbs injectors 3" downpipe speed daddy headers 2800 stall I'm going to try e85 can break into the 11's?[/QUOTE

Low 13's. is my guess. I made 12.6 but had a TA 33 Turbo, ported heads and intake using 93 octane with meth, 20lbs boost and 2800 stall. Used Poston headers with hooked exhaust with custom integrated 2 2/2 downpipe.

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60 lb injectors are tiny for e85 and is there some special reason that you want to push your stock turbo and your fuel system. ?

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you don’t have to change ECMs to run 80lb injectors . They are High impedance. Anyway 80s are to small aswell to actually make some decent power on E85 . The stock turbo is out of its efficiency at 20-22lbs so it would be pointless to push it past that . After it gets past its efficiency all it doing is creating a butt load of heat so if you are set on pushing the stock turbo you should consider doing with a alky kit . That way you have plenty of fuel and the alky can easily take the 22lbs the stock turbo is good for . I’m sure you are going to do it with your 60s anyway just watch your injector duty cycle sky rocket past 100% then the next post will be what head gaskets are better lol . Good luck on your stock turbo mission.


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I know better than to run lean. Also I know what head gaskets to run. I haven't heard any reports on this in the hot air realm. Did you pop your head gaskets on 60lbs injectors?

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Real data on what? Do you need a recipe to run 12s in a hot air ? I have plenty of real data . The real data says to run e85 you need a upgraded fuel system . Have you done the spring cleaning list on your motor ?

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Okay so what does that mean ? What real data are you looking for ? Sounds like you just did a stock rebuild .
Can’t speak for the stock turbo but you can run e85, 80 pound injectors, a 340 pump and stock lines pretty far on a mild unopened motor. Ken White is on here and he has ran the stock turbo and e85 to high 11s. I would make life easy and ditch the stock turbo for a TE44 or TA49 and then 11s are easier


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It's need a carbon seal and backing plate. Better to just get a new one built

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