How exactly do adjust the iac

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I still stand by my recommendation of using IAC counts vs. RPM.

The RPM method has proven over the years to be problematic for most users.

And why use rpm as a set parameter?? The rpm is specified in "in the chip", therefore setting a comfortable IAC value will always create best results for maintaining the rpm that's in the chip, and NOT in the operators desires. IMHO 650 is too low, and is not a value found in any chips today (unless you're still stuck using a bone stock chip), and 500 is rediculously low. :eek:

You recommend what you think is best, I will continue to recommend what I think is best.

Hey both work..... just wanted to clarify the fact that the old school...which it is no doubt...did use scantool.

Hell im outta town and it could be 750 on the rpm dont recall exactly and have it on my little cheat sheets stashed in my tuning folder/binders. Thats why I have it written down.....LOL
Honestly I shouldnt post stuff up with out knowing that exact numbers (the RPM I referenced)..thats my bad.

And YES the old way is a PITA most of the time

Cant lie ive recently did YOUR way...LOL

Ok enough with the hijack

Old way works but is a PITA

New way easier and works