How about a Vendor Appreciation Thread?


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Mar 1, 2005
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Guys this has been an age old problem here in TB land! I have always asked members to support the vendors that support the board and not bash them every chance given for things that happened YEARS ago....

Lets face none of us, or them are perfect! Mistakes happen and there will always be transactions that go wrong for whatever reason, chit happens...

The number of vendors supplying products for our cars continues to dwindle! Lets face it, they ain't making new TR's. No one is going to get rich off of Turbo Buicks, it just ain't happening.

Lets take time to share to GOOD experiences with our vendors! Lets hear how these guys have helped you or others time and time again!

Lets have some positive vibes for once!!!!!!!!!! Show the vendors on that members do care and appreciate what they do for us. If guys like Mike, Cal, Brian W, Brian B, Eric, Bob, Dennis, Dave, Don, Dusty, Paul, Jason, Jack, Mark, Nick, Scot, Spoolfool, Steve V, Richard, The Boost Crew, etc... were not around we would we'd be screwed.... Every tried getting a downpipe from Advance Auto lol?



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Oct 28, 2006
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I would like to start with a Big THANK YOU to Dennis Kirban at Kirban Performance.
He’s been around longer than anyone else, and is still going strong. I have more parts on my car from him that I could possibly remember !!
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Aug 1, 2017
I have quite a few since buying my car a year and a half ago.

First off Steve V. That man has helped me through more issues than I even care to discuss. From fan issues to building my whole trans and never batted an eye with answering a text after hours. I consider him a friend at this point.

Next is Cal Hartline. I purchased my Fast system from him and Holly. Now the cars runs better than it ever has and have a dyno day setup to finish the fine tuning.

I also have to give a shoutout to Marianne at Full Throttle. I have multiple parts from them and they have always been good about getting me the parts when I need a package quick.

Then last but not least Fred Santana for my solid build on my engine. I’ve heard many horror stories about builds and the time it takes. I shipped my engine down to south Florida and was sticking back in the car a month later. It’s held up to a bad trans, boost spikes and anything else I’ve thrown at it.

There really are some great guys in the industry. I know these cars take some finessing to get them right but I enjoy that part even though it gets frustrating at times. When you take them out and can’t stop at a gas pump without a crowd coming up it makes it all worth it. Nothing like hitting the throttle and hearing that whistle either!

Thank you to all the guys that help us keep our unique cars smoking the V8s!

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Oct 10, 2014
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I second the thumbs up for Dennis Kirban. I've bought a few things from him to make my T run and I really appreciate him and the others.


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Feb 11, 2005
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Big thx to Brian B. He fcks for a buk.. hahaha. Id say 99.9 vendors are great here its just usually miscommunication that screws it all up and ego. And also w the net everyone is quick to write something bc they were wronged instead of hashing it out. At end of dsy its just money itll be recouped somehow. Life has a way of evening things out
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Apr 10, 2009
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My appreciation of the vendors is in my sig file. You can see that I have supported almost every vendor on the board. Any minor problem I've had the vendor's have always bent over backwards to make sure everything was right. We have a GREAT bunch of vendor's on this board.
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Jan 20, 2014
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See my signature. I spread my love around and there are many great vendors. Thank you for supporting this community!!

Getting tired lately of nothing but bitching posts.

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Sep 24, 2010
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I'm a guy that uses supporting board vendors for parts and advice often and whenever I can. Pretty sure I've used all of them at one time or another and I've never had a complaint.

If, for some reason, you as a board member, don't like a particular vendor or have had some type problem with them and you couldn't resolve the issues to your satisfaction, I'm willing to bet it's either :

Unrealistic Expectations


Communication Issues, a.k.a., Unrealistic Expectations.

Direct communication is always the best way to get an issue resolved. It's far too easy to just blow someone up on the net, and it might feel good in the short term, but it always results in more conflict. There are always exceptions to that rule, we've all witnessed or have been party to one of those exceptions. It happens. There's always FleaBay, right?:eek:

I like Shane's idea here.

My list is long, so I just say to ALL supporting vendors on, thanks, man!

You too, Shane!:D
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Sep 24, 2010
Phoenix, AZ
I forgot to say I use many of the vendors not only for parts and advice, but SERVICE! Can't forget about Service. That's what it's all about.
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May 1, 2016
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I bought my car 2 1/2 years ago, and to say it has been a learning experience would be an understatement. This wasn't some $25k, perfect car... far from it. I've had many-a-tech questions and purchased many-a-parts since then to get it running and looking the way it does today.

The number 1 that comes to mind is Bison, simply because of the tech support, advice, and knowledge he had offered before I had even purchased anything from him. He reached out and offered his opinions and his real world experiences with issues I was dealing with. That and a solid reputation for making a great product earned my business when I needed a turbocharger. Thanks, Bison... the 6262 hits the tires hard!

Next would be the team at Full Throttle Speed and Performance. I've bugged Marianne via Facebook messenger after hours to ask about products they have available that I couldn't find on their webpage.... which is ridiculous for a customer to do, but she answered my questions anyway, just so I could get my orders placed. Thanks, FTS team... you're top shelf!

Next, Mr. Earl Brown, because, like Bison, he also shared experience and knowledge prior to me purchasing anything from him. Guys like Earl and Bison have obviously been around these machines for awhile, and they know a thing or two. Their help and advice is probably the reason I still have this car... and certainly the reason it runs stronger than ever. Earls help earned my business as well. Thanks, Earl... I love the Harland Sharp roller rockers!

Brian Weaver from needs to be mentioned. I've purchased several items from the webpage and the ebay store, but what was over the top for me, was when I had a question about fitting his aluminum repro wheels over my rear disc brakes because stock steel wheels wouldn't clear, the dude offers to send me a "test fit" wheel and if it didn't work, I could send it back. That's going above and beyond! I did not take advantage of his generous offer (had a friend offer me his Billet Specialties wheels), but have continued to purchase items from his business, mainly for my interior needs. Thanks, Brian... my interior looks terrific!

Though it's not a vendor, I'd also like to say that this forum has been an absolute Godsend for me when working on this car. From products to tuning, you can know what to expect with these cars. No matter what you're doing, it's most likely been done and discussed on this forum. Thanks to the admins and contributions from all the experienced members here!

I've purchased from Kirbans, Gn1performance, Cotton's, and others.... to tell you the truth, I haven't had an experience worth complaining about. So, thanks to all the vendors that support these machines that haven't been built for over 30 years. We're all lucky to have the opportunity to keep these cars in good health and performing the way we want them to. Keep it up!!

-Clint Moran


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May 27, 2010
I would like to express how great Spoolfool has been to the Buick Community! Mike doesn’t not hesitate to help out Turbo Buick folks or racing events each and every year!
Brian Weavy is another one to be mentioned he has attended event and put up huge products for donations to sponsor events.
Someone is leaving Cecil co raceway this weekend knowing they are getting a brand new set of the 18”/19” GNX rims delivered to them by next week.
I always said even if the vendors do not donate or sponsor an event. The fact that they show up brings people out to these events each year. I’m glad they are apart of this small community. So much to be said to the vendors that take time out of their calendar to attend the events! It’s easy to write a check but time is an invaluable commodity.

Stefan Koprucki

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Jul 27, 2012
I have had GREAT experiences with the vendors here with parts, service, and information.
Richard Clark, Poppa Lou, Spool Fool, could not have got it done without you.
I bought a cd player last year from Dennis Kirban. Got around to installing it last month and it had a dead short. Sent it back with Pete to Dennis and it can't be repaired. Dennis is sending me another one he has to replace it, even though it was only guaranteed for 6 months.
Our Buick family is simply outstanding, and I'm glad to be a part of it!
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