how about a dash panel that can house 3.5 speakers better?

disco stu

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I know that a lot of people like myself that would like a dash cover that is molded or has a recess to clear 3.5" speakers. Almost all these things are cracked anyway, and those who have not replaced these speakers probably think about it anyway. the mounting height of modern speakers is the only hassle in this upgrade, and the contact between the tweeter and the cover makes a junky sounding buzz.


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I had a similar problem with my Cutlass dash when I installed Infinity Kappa's in there. I actually had to install them from the BOTTOM, requiring me to actually take my guages out, and unbolt 1/2 the dash. A real PITA....



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I was thinking of using a Dremel to cut the slats out of the dash top piece cleanly. I would then use balsa wood to build a frame around the newly created hole and wrap the frame with black or grey speaker screen material, thereby creating a new speaker grille form fitted for the dash. To be factory appearing it'd have to be done well and shaped exactly like the original "grill" shape. Anyone done this yet?:confused: