Hot Air Specific Parts F/S Help get em outta here!!! :)


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Thought I'd post these in this section to give you guys the first shot. Don't be afraid to shoot me an offer on this stuff!!! I need to get it outta here!!:biggrin:
Gotta try to raise some $$$ for the next mod for the Hot Air...:biggrin:
Pics available upon request
All prices are PLUS SHIPPING
Paypal accepted...add 3% please

1) NOS 84-86 GN grille $325

2) Hot Air throttle body (no sensors) $40

3) Used Postons 2-piece crossover pipe---ceramic coated (Nice) SOLD!!

4) Turbo Tweak 93 street chip for 84-85 running 86-87 ECM with 42.5 lb inj 11-15 psi 18*/17* MAT turned OFF SOLD!!

5) Hot air coil pack and module (worked when removed) $65

6) Throttle body bracket (for cables) $10

7) Used hard coolant lines (need refinished) $10

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