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Hello all working on an old hot air engine and the wires coming off the alternator plug aren't connected to anything. The plug is plugged in with a white and red wire coming off ... I know the red goes to the back of alt but where does the white go ? The harness is a mess any advice or even better... pics would greatly help thanks


OH, OK .......Now I get it
Hey..... I took this pic of mine for Ya. OEM harness on it. Yellow & Black on the top connector . The yellow wire loop is the FP Hotwire that goes on the rear lower stud . I'm certainly no way an expert on this, but I wanted to try & help Ya out.
1984 Alt. Wiring.jpg


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From what I can tell from the schematics It appears that its a brown wire (confirmed on my 85 T-Type ) that goes to the Bulkhead Connector
C100 then to the Generator Indicator Lamp on the Instrument Cluster.

Charger & Starting System Vin 9.JPG

Bulkhead Connector C100.JPG

Electronic Level Control.JPG

Instrument Panel G Series.JPG


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This is on my 85 T an one jumps into the harness an the red my wires are red an brown


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Does this wire have writing on it to set it out from the others I see a few brown wires not connected at the moment


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Look at Cavity A4 on the Bulkhead Connector C100 - that is the brown wire to follow back to the Alternator. Follow the brown wire to Connector at the back of the Instrument Panel Printed Circuit - See below #3 (BRN 25) Volts Indicator to Generator.
Cluster Pinout.JPG


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Assuming this is a OEM white wire, scanning the schematics for the Turbo Vin 9 , I only found three locations with a white wire. ECM (B4) to the CCCI (A) & CCCI (D) to Tachometer, also - Resume Cruise Indicator to Cruise Control.
Multiport Fuel Injection Vin 9 Ignition.JPG
Instrument Panel Indicators.JPG