Holley Pro Dash


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Don't forget the fuel sensor adapter, I read it can go directly into the dash and not the ECU.
This is correct. Fuel level gauge is an input to the dash and does not go threw the ECU. This is the same for the turn signals and high beam indicator.


Tall Chinese Guy
I have a guy who 3D prints bezels and brackets for the Holley dash. If someone wants to work with him to make one for a Buick let me know. You would have to be able to take some measurements and work with him on fitment.


Self-tuning wanna-be
I have the mini LCD screen off to the right like you see there. I would love to have one installed but was quoted north of 1,500. I probably should have got it done but I ran out of funds. I think I can do it myself, but wiring is one thing I’m afraid of. I should go ahead and do it. I was just about to post how to change out the dull ass dash lights anyway.