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Aug 1, 2003
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what color is your car ?..seriously though need a little more info on problem

will it go to park ...shifter cable could be broken but we dont know if you have a column shift car or console shift
is it in D and wont shift ..could be governer spring but we dont even know if you have a 2004r or a th400
what does fluid smell like ..could be burnt welded clutches
86 silver t type 200r4. Supposed to have been built by Janis. Car will shift into park reverse ect. Just won’t come out of 1 st. Was at the track son ran the car and did a pass pretty good burn out after the run car sat for about an hour and then we tried to drive home. No smell in the fluid. Console shifter


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Feb 28, 2003
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Having problems directly after a "pretty good burnout" is usually an indicator of the governor spring being flung out. They are available from TCI through summit etc. pull the pan and then the governor cover/governor and insert spring and reassemble. If you need more detailed guidance just post here
It was the governor spring it was pinned but incorrectly so it kicked out sideways. Thanks so much for the replies and especially to David Husek for taking his time to talk things over on the phone. Great guy with awesome customer service!
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