Help with knock log included

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I was thinking the same thing about the maf. At idle it reads 7 but at wot it looked a little funny to me. I just replaced the tps with an ac Delco stock unit, right before the knock retard reaches 15 the tps does look like its about to get there but I always lift because the knock sensor always starts going thru the lights.


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Check that and verify you have a good maf... almost lean popped mine because of a mad maf... I had a lean problem and it was causing me to run lean obviously. I thought it was FP but I couldn’t figure it out. Then ttype(on here) brought a spare maf to replace the two different ones I had and it ran perfect! I was sold two bad MAF’s....


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I'm getting some weird knock with a gn I just picked up. Short story is I picked up this gn and after going thru it and replacing what leaked or didn't work I pretty much brought the car back to stock engine wise. Once everything seemed fine I started to check out all the parameters and everything checked out on the powerlogger. Right now what I have is a stock turbo, stock fuel pump no hot wire kit, stock injectors, lt-1 maf with translator. I didn't mention the chip because I had a chip with the same engine parameters as what I have the only thing different is that the chip was burned for a lock up transmission and torque and I have a extreme automatics stage 2 non lock up with a 2800 stall non lock up torque attached to the engine because the stock one gave out so I put this one I had for my other gn in it. Now to the knock issue. The car idles fine and even drives fine at low speeds and gears. Everything parameter wise is also fine when cruising around town. However when you decide to get in it it will pick up and boost strong for a little bit then when it seems like it should either swithch gears or just keep pulling all of a sudden it starts to knock retard and act like it won't pull or shift anymore. I've included a log hopefully its not to long.
When you recorded these logs,did you have the accelerator to the floor?
Do you still have the catalytic converter installed?
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