Help id this plug

Trying to figure out hot air engine wire harness for a hybrid build. This is only connector I'm,not sure about. I'm thinking fan motor ?[/QUOTE

Im going to be honest i have no idea i have a HA car and that plug does not connect to anything in my car ill send a pic
@Tenracer, Hobbs switch connector, @S.Hitt, the leads go directly to the digital dash turbo lights. Its supposed to be attached to the vacuum line out of the bottom, back side of the manifold. You mentioned in another post of iffy vacuum line routing, there is at least one right there. Once you hook it up don't be surprised if the lights still don't work... Could be the bulbs, connections at the back of the speedo box or most likely the Hobbs switch itself, they don't last. @true85HA, I suspect you have an analog dash. Your dash turbo lights use a map sensor and 3 prong plug.

Both sets of wiring are incorporated into the factory bundle regardless of what dash you have. Hope this helps.
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