Headlight buckets


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Does anyone know where to buy these from? They are the parts that the headlights sit in on a GN. They attach to the front end with a spring.

Howling Mad

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I've been looking for some and people keep trying to sell me the bezel around the headlight lol. It's looking like eBay or a junkyard are the best bet

Anthony P

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Expect GNX-like pricing on these buckets when you find them at a vendor. Only a GM part and warehouses were still overflowing with them just a few years ago...

Someone OR some company has bought them ALL in the past couple of years. There were tons of them in GM's inventory just a few years ago, like pre-covid. OPGI showed them in the 2020 catalog for --sticker shock--- about $100+ each:eek: catalog page pic below.

in just the past few years, these parts have disappeared from many vendors.

The Parts Place lists them as available - "to inquiry for pricing" which translates to an expectedly high price tag just like their $829 cam sensors.

indexed link to the buckets at => The Parts Place

junkyard sounds like your best bet. it's tough today to find as years go by. with limited real estate, not too many yards keeps a few 80s cars around...


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Send me PM if still looking. I have some. Not sure about complete sets but I may the one side/inner/outer you might be looking for.