Have a safe and memorable ...Memorial Day 2020


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The problem is, the track is my escape, and I'm considered "essential ". Tracks are not.

I can't really go anywhere, I certainly can't run my car at any track.

It's now 105 plus degrees in Phoenix until late September and into October........ All I can do now is take a little ride and not heat it up too much.....I get a little worried at 210.....

Just don't like it.

I'm sure I'm a bit wary, but 210* will turn into 300* in Phoenix in about 5 minutes, 2 minutes with A/C on. Doesn't matter what bad assed, radiator or fans you run.
Hey, "Old Buick owners lives matter"
You live right next door to that Nick guy and doesn't he say hes got a setup that will cool anything down?
Besides, its a dry heat and not that bad. :ROFLMAO: Just like I tell people its a dry cold, its not that bad. :ROFLMAO:
I don't care, 105 is HOT and 5 with a 30mph wind is COLD.
If I need to do or go somewhere and they are open I go and won't let some chinese virus stop me, you do the same my friend.