2004 GMC Sierra Denali - AWD - Quadrasteer - 6.0 liter - 1/2 ton - towing capacity= 10,100 lbs. - 18 hwy mpg, 14 city mpg - Black truck matches the Black GN - I would never use anything but a GM truck to pull a GM made Buick!


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Just go to the office- 45 miles @ 20.6 mpg on the ol' 7.3 Excursion. Best damn truck I've ever had- hands down.

The pres of the company has an '06 Duramax 2500 Sierra, and routinely knocks down 23 mpg.

I like my oilburner......:D


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I have to chime in. I had an 01 7.3 SD crew cab. I had so many problems with it I couldn't take it anymore. So I traded it in on an 06 (brand new at the time) Dodge Ram Hemi. This is the best truck I've had by far. The power is more than enough for towing a GN on a dual axle trailer. I would have to say it would outpull my powerstroke. Acclerating, braking, you name it. That's with 5k pounds, which is the most I've pulled with both trucks. I'm sure in the 12K pound range the tables would turn. As far as diesels, look at all the hot shot drivers, they are driving Dodges. Look at the DHRA, the most powerful diesels are cummins. No truck will out perform the Cummins Dodge.

Supercoupe, I have a TBSS, too. 13.9's stock family truckster. I can't get enough of it either.


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we have a trailblazer ss. it has the 6.0L in it with 400hp, and its awd. it has a max trailer weight of 6800lbs. it does not get the greatest mileage but it is a great time to drive. never get tired of it. dave

Have you towed with it?

bad V6

Powerstrokes (7.3) rule!!

TurboDave and BLACKHAWK are dead on.

I recently went from BG down to Lake Fork,TX and back, averaged better than 19 MPG with the cruise set between 75 and 80. This is in a 2000 F250 Supercab 4x4, that has been chipped, aftermarket exhaust and turbo, and Suncoast converter. The truck is just beginning to run good at that speed. As far as towing, it drags the GN around like it's not even there. I've had several different vehicles for towing Cummins, 2 Powerstrokes, and BB Chevy. My father has a new Duramax, which is impressive. But, none of them will set up there and run down the road with a load like this Powerstroke.



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Hell I drive a 94 GMC suburban. Drove 18 hours to pick up my new bass boat 4500lbs. I got 11.5 miles per gallon coming back. Oh by the way in 94 the TBI 350 was rated a 190HP and now has over 205K. Still going STRONG.