Has anyone used this Alternator??


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LINK - https://www.jegs.com/i/Powermaster/713/47864/10002/-1?ymm=4294829839+4294829225+4294829204
Need a new one and want to go to a higher Amp. not seeing a lot out there. Most of the Buick Suppliers are selling max 100amp I already have that (Its going bad slowly) and though going up in amps would help get more power to the coils and Fuel pump.
Any advice would be great. This ones a little pricey but if it will work and plug in Im good with it.


Looking for 10's
Welp looks like Ill take my Chances this sites gone to the dogs lately used to get an instant response to questions :(


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Kirban has a 120 amp for $210 and a 200 amp for $316. Little more expensive for the 200 amp compared to the Powermaster but at least the pulley size will be correct compared to the Powermaster.


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second 626Gn, the biggest hurdle is the pulley and spacer sleeves. sometimes you can get by with using your old hardware if it comes off OK, other times the sizing and spacing is all wrong. Kirban's does sell the right size pulley but that elusive spacer piece and shims do not come with it.

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I prefer the stock looking ones of course ... like Kirban sells... was curious as to how he was reading his voltage ... at the battery or the scan master ... as the SM has tendency to read almost 1 volt lower than at the battery ...guys with proper battery cables and grounds with everything connected correctly have run dual fans and double pumpers fine with 120..


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Can't you take it to a good alternator-starter shop and they can add a little umph to it. 77 Blazer came with optional 45amp one. :ROFLMAO: Never had a problem unless the pair of KC-385,000 candle power lights were turned on.
Give me a couple days to dig it out, I have a 200 Alternator, I'll take like $125 for it. Also to run this Alternator or if you decide to go with the powermaster...You'll have to change your belt. Right now you should have the 640K6, and your higher amp has a smaller pulley, so you'll need to purchase a 635K6 belt.


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I love how these threads just won't stop popping up. It seems there's people out there that think the alternator needs to put out 50,000 amps.

...and then try and stuff it through the factory undersized (and 1/3 century old) charge lead.

Sorta like wanting to hook the garden hose up to a pumper truck for watering the lawn. 5/8ths just ain't gonna flow much more.


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Kirban's early alternators had an issue. Can't remember what it was but you could send it back for a free repair. I sent mine back and the post office "lost" it. Now I only use the p.o. for birthday cards.

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I agree with earl if you're gonna run 200 amp alt. you should upgrade wiring. I am using a battery extender kit from Casper's rated at 200 amps and upgraded all grounds to 4 ga. (I know overkill) All the fusable links are replaced and moved from the starter to the inner fender with this kit, which is nice if one ever fails.

I have considered shipping the Kirban alternator back I'm sure it would be expensive but for now it's a $300 paper weight...hehe