Harsh 2-3 shift?

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A guy on another site has a Bowtie 200-4r & say the 1-2 are good 3-4 is good but 2-3 very harsh. I don't know if it can be sent back or not.
It's a stage 1, don't know what they do to them other than what other than the reading on there site.
He did say the plate is drilled & a plug installed for direct. If they are talking the checkball if it was removed & not plugged could that be it?

Steve V

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Hard to say without know exactly what they did. Bowtie 200 probably won't last that long anyways.

77 cruiser

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I don't thing he has a bunch of power just a cruiser. He's in NY state trying to get over to see David if he not too far.

77 cruiser

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Sure looks good first time though.:ROFLMAO:
BTW he talked with David today, not sure what he's going to do though.


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Just a stupid question but is lockup engaging in second then shifting 2-3 locked up?
If not I would be looking to see if it is tying up or "binding"? if so speed up the band coming off. See if you get any change? easy enough to try.

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I asked him that & he said no on the LU. He went through Bowtie & they directed him to some TV adjustments. He did & said it's better, sounds like it's good enough. They told him about a drill & plug they are doing to the plate or VB but wouldn't get specific, top secret stuff.
I just told GOOD luck.

David Husek

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I spoke with him a few days ago. They wanted him to change out his boost valves to smaller ones. The trans is low on pressure already. I mentioned to fine tune his TV adjustment as the BTO TV setup is trick. It lets you adjust the light throttle TV pressures without affecting wide open. I keep them in stock for 4100 carbs...