Had my UX1 Cassette Radio Repaired


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Jan 20, 2014
Southern NJ
Everything on my GM factory radio the last 2+ years was working fine except for the cassette player. It would just eject tapes immediately.

So, since I had great success with United Radio in the past with a different car and GM radio, I had them fix this one.

I called and spoke to the repair tech who told me what was probably wrong and quoted me a preauthorized price over the phone. I sent the radio on a Tuesday and they received it Thursday. They had it fixed by the next day, Friday. On Monday, I paid for the repairs and it was back in my hands the next day, Tuesday, all included in the original price.

Not only did they fix the cassette but they repaired a few tiny illumination lights above some of the buttons that I didn't even realize were not working.

They packed the radio great for shipping. Installed back in 15 minutes and everything works like a charm. Now I can listen to all my "mix" tapes from the 80s. LOL.
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Jun 6, 2001
I've used United Radio to do my shop (car audio and electronics) repairs on hundreds of radios in the last 15 years. They've always been fast, honest and very fair. Great people to deal with! 18004480944 if anyone needs work done by them!
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