GS Nationals update thread

Haulz A

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I run an xfi. Walt and bob run sd2 chips.
Thanks for the info- I see that Walt qualified with a 10.05 and Bob qualified with a 9.88. Would you have their contact info- Looking for some tuning advice concerning the SD-2 chip compared to the Fast. Really don't wana spend the money for a Fast since my car is 90% street and 10% track. I ran it in the THS class at Bowling Green - Qualified #4 with a 10.21 @ 132. I currently has a TT 6.1 alky chip.
Steve can I get one for Detroit Street car 9.80 at 113 exploded head gasket #3 during Fridays morning session.I would have drove from Detroit but u know our luck with rain. lol