Grand National Wheels?

87 WE2

I would like to see a company make reproduction 86/87 Grand National Wheels. I know there are alot of people out there looking for them, There are companys makeing reproduction wheels for Chevy,Pontiac,Ford,Dodge. I have seen Monte Carlos and other GM cars with GN wheels on them and even t-types. Then again there are no t-type wheels being made either.
Does anyone else think these should be made too???


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I would like this also, maybe T wheels also, but in larger sizes, like 16 inch, or GNX wheels in 17 inch. I remember a Caprice in Hot Rod or something that had some kind of reproduction wheels that looked like that factory ones, but they were 17 inch instead of 15 or 16 and it looked really cool. IF a company could do this i would pay for it definately, i would pre-pay to see this.



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GN wheels

I would purchase new wheels and if a company did make em it would be nice to get stock wheels in an 8" width . very hard to find GN wheels in good shape without parting with your first born.
15" x 8" GN wheels...

"suburban", I had 15" x 8" GN wheels made using stock GN wheel centerpieces, and having them fitted in 8" wide Corvette rims ( outer pieces), and they look as if they came out of GM like this!!! Let me know if you want pics!!!

'Bye, Claude. :)


has any body heard of WESTERN they make a wheel called the
turbo t replicas 8.5 in. american racing stop making the vector.
i am looking for apair myself i cant seem to locate western does
anybody know if there out of buisness 1972 corvette wheels will


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how about 15 by 10 alluminum GN wheels for the serious racer that wants to keep that GN look??

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Polished Aluminum GN Wheels

No more chrome, no more steel, available in various diameters & widths...yeah, that's the ticket!!

But, aren't we dreaming?

Nice dream, though!