Goodyear Tires

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I know there are variables when it comes to tire ware during a race, but Nascar namely the race teams can not be happy with Goodyear and their tires. There just seems like there is a lot of tire issues this season. Am I missing something?


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goodyears are SHIT
beside nascar screw ups, I have 2 sets on my personal cars that are out of round! and goodyear will not waranty them!


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I've had goodyears on my street vehicles and have not had very good luck with them. On my Dodge, goodyears were factory and tread separation after 24000 miles. Installed Nittos and never looked back. On my Porsche, you could never tell when the tire was going to let loose until it was too late. If Nascar wants to use them, oh well, but I would never buy them again.


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NASCAR wants tires that wear out to keep the racing interesting, so that's what Goodyear builds for them.
they could make tires that have awesome traction and last 500 miles, but that would take the pit crew out of the equation and make it as boring as an F1 race.

regarding their street tires: like every other company, they make good tires and they make junk tires... the $70 Goodyears that i got at Wal Mart for my Cavalier sucked, but the $250 Wranglers that my brother put on his '01 Chevy truck about 5 years ago are awesome..