GNXRegistry.ORG: The Official Buick GNX Registry & Source for Authentication

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The GNX section here on has grown considerably since it was first started in January of 2006, and thanks to our members it is now the Internet’s single destination for the discussion and information sharing about the legendary Buick GNX. In continuing support of Buick GNX owners and enthusiasts, I wanted to make you aware of The Official Registry of the Buick GNX at GNXRegistry.ORG. The GNX Registry securely maintains data and history on all 547 GNX vehicles produced, as well as VIN number verification to assist you on your purchase of a GNX or to help you learn more about a GNX you currently own.

GNXRegistry.ORG maintains a continually evolving database of information on each and every Buick GNX built (in many cases back to 1987) including each car’s production details, chain of ownership, and individual history when possible. GM and ASC / McLaren factory production data is also available to help anyone research any GNX vehicle produced. Anyone who is considering making a substantial investment in one of these cars should contact the GNX Registry to ensure authenticity of the vehicle and its critical and valuable

The GNX Registry is provided as a complementary service, so it is encouraged for forum members and guests to visit GNXRegistry.ORG. If you currently own a GNX (or have previously owned one) and have not contacted the GNX Registry, be sure to do so soon and assure your place (and your car’s place) in the registry! Do so with complete confidence, as detailed individual vehicle and ownership records are not shared.

Our GNX Fortunate 547 Forum has a wealth of knowledge and the main goal is to preserve the legacy and provide helpful knowledge for what is often referred to as the one of the greatest modern domestic supercars ever built. Just looking forward to helping the community continue to grow and thrive!

Link: The Official Buick GNX Registry at GNXREGISTRY.ORG
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