GNX wiring diagram for dash

GNX dash

Does anyone have a copy of the 1987 supplmental manual for the GNX?
I really need a copy of the dash & gauge wiring, so that I can work on a harness for my GNX dash project.

Or does anyone have a GNX plug & play dash harness that they want to sell?


I have a new Poston's GNX Style Dash Paid 750 Have Receipt. Will take 450


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wiring harness for the gnx dash....

i just spoke to john at caspers, and he said he is currently working on a plug and play wiring harness for the gnx replica gauges. he is about a month away from production..... this includes that special connecter... hope this info helps!! take care.... CEI - Casper's Electronics, Inc.


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I put in a new fuel pump sys, all new relays. In the fuse box the line to #5 fuses is dead. When I start the car the pump only spits gas once and goes dead. All other fuses are working. Any suggestions?