GNX SW boost gauge


Behold, The Power of "V6"
Query: how does the GNX SW boost gauge get it's signal? Is it direct through a vac/boost hose connection or a sender or MAP sensor?

Reason being that my car originally came with analog cluster which was swapped for an OEM GNX cluster. The MAP sensor is still in the car but no vac hose connected to it (see pic).

I will be switching to the original cluster so need to backtrack the install and also installing an ally kit and PowerLogger so I'll need to tap into the green MAP wire.

Thanks. 20181113_191132.jpg


Behold, The Power of "V6"
Perfect... Thank you.
Since the vac hose is not connected to the MAP, I'm going to gander the hose got re-routed towards the mechanical gauge.
I've will track it.