GNX numbered book for sale with original window sticker


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There is an original GNX book for car number 324 for sale on ebay. It is being offered with the original window sticker, owners manual and the GNX supplement owners manual. It also has the mileage sticker that was on the window as well. Thought one of you owners might be interested.


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Look below the add.. It reads " make offer". You have to start somewhere. I have already had one substantial offer. You won't find too many available plus I paid handsomely 20 years ago for them.

Dennis Kirban

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kirban 2 cents worth

While some may feel the $2500 price tag is high wait a few years and see what it is I just read of a fraud case where a person paid 25 grand for the paperwork of an original 396 chevelle to go with his fake to pass it off as the real deal...25 grand for paper work.

or how about this years ago I bought from Molly all the remaining numbers GNX books must have had about 25 of them can't member what I sodl them for but they were cheap also bought all the remaining gnx jackets.....form Molly as well.

and from another guy all the remaining gnx supplement booklets....and at one time the remaining gnx hand done dash number plates.....and 9 real gnx turbos....even with low figures al lthis amounts to a great deal of dollars in 2019 times....wish I had but I don;t

we all make mistakes I just shared just a few of mine.....


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Any info on these would be appreciated??? The old ad or anyway to contact the seller of these materials. Thank you.