GNX #547 Christmas/New Year contest by CRUZ Performance


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GNX #547 Christmas/New Year contest by CRUZ Performance

Mecum Auction January 6 -15, 2017

Be the first bidder to guess the final selling price of the GNX #547 without going over and win a -8 fuel rail kit made in Florida, USA by CRUZ Performance.

You must list the final bidding price for the GNX #547 on this post for everyone to see and no later then MIDNIGHT OF JANUARY 5, 2017. If more than one person lists the same price the winner will be determined by who lists the price first.

The winner will be announced when the auction by Mecum is complete. The set of fuel rails will be shipped for free to the winning contestant within a few days of the auction ending.

Let the bidding begin !!

CRUZ Performance

-8 rails fittings brackets bolts.JPG

-8 pass rail installed.JPG

cruz perormance logo with vendors.jpg

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