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Anthony P

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I'm calling this NYC listing on Craigslist a SCAM. I saw the craigslist ad the first day it was listed, 8 days ago.

In chronological order, I put this group of threads together... THEN THEN THEN this current thread and ebay listing.

So, 379 was in Iowa per the ebay listing at the end of July. The current autocheck history report from that ebay listing shows last report entry in September 2015 as Iowa titled ----
09/23/2015 KNOXVILLE, IA Motor Vehicle Dept. TITLE (Title #:63AB23951) (Lien Reported) REGISTRATION EVENT/RENEWAL

Now a month or so later and 379 is in Brooklyn, NY on craigslist where the contact phone # is for the Lake Placid area of NY state, some 300 miles from Brooklyn??? (518) 241-6877

The craigslist ad notes the seller has clean title in hand. First problem is that the latest title/registration event is from 2015 and shows there is a lien on the title. NO RECORD EVENT OF CLEAN TITLE ISSUED.

So, are we to believe the Iowa owner has relocated with 379 from Iowa last month to Brooklyn, NY this month and communicates on a phone number originating some 300 miles from his new Brooklyn address???

I asked @GNXRegistry for confirming info about 379 five days ago via email and have not yet received a reply from Doug.

Anthony P

sharing knowledge with those who care to listen
still seems really sketchy...even the new ebay listing link in post #4

post #4 ebay link lists seller as "casper36" with 100% positive feedback for 115 transactions. Casper36 ebay account has been active since December 9, 1998.

per the ad, #379 is now located in Ankeny, Iowa. the text of the ad and the pics are the same as the fake craigslist ad. at least there is an Iowa phone # now...515-661-7277. an internet search of this # seems to check out---yielding a guy with the last name of Casper who has youtube video ads as well as other past listings for all sorts of vehicles for sale.


the ebay listing in post #1 from July has the seller listed as "lilcontim" with only 1 transaction on an account that has been open since Jun 19, 2010. that 1 transaction per the feedback was for the purchase of a trans am in August 2013. This seller stated #379 was located in Knoxville, Iowa .

Knoxville, IA and Ankeny, IA are in different counties, about 50 miles away from each other.

Of course, people can have more than one account on ebay. But all these past and recent failed and broken deals from multiple ebay accounts makes me think to stay away. The scammers can read this thread as well.

Anthony P

sharing knowledge with those who care to listen
Well, I know of transactions where the buyer and seller just had telephone conversations and an exchange of pictures via email to close the deal. The buyer did not see that X first hand until it arrived via carrier after being shipped halfway across the US. But those were about 16 or more years ago.

Today's world is a different story. If turbo Lou was selling his X today vs a few years ago and I was looking to buy, I could envision a few phone conversations and pictures are all that's needed. Outside of that familiarity, yes, one has to do their homework. Whatever internet search results complemented by forum knowledge and registry guidance would be assembled with in-person inspections by the buyer and/or the buyer's representative.

Sure, there are inspectors for hire all across the country. But a buyer may choose someone with specific knowledge of that make or model and buy the travel expenses and time for that inspector in addition to his own travel expenses and time. Now we are discussing the time value of money.

On a lesser note, it's also the hassle of SPAM when a scammer has your contact info and email address to sell just because you replied to an advertisement only to later learn it is a scam.

Specifically with #379, the seller, Mr. Casper, looks legit. #379 was bid up to $90K in that non-paying ebay auction he references in the relisting ebay ad linked in post #4. As a seller, it certainly would be frustrating to learn a scam had been run in Baltimore and New York using your product. You'd have to entertain a lot more questions.

#379 bid is up to $55.1K now and I don't believe it will eclipse the $90K max previous auction. The buy it now price is $105K. I don't believe this example can command that pricing. I would choose one of the two other examples I know of around the $120K level that have 1/10 the mileage and more original documentation AND are known to this forum by their owners or representative.