GNX 256


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I just purchased GNX 256 and it needs some TLC....needs a few original replacement parts but the car is still all original with 39k....I am looking for the previous owner who may still have the original window sticker, numbered book and jacket. If anyone has any info, let me know...thanks

Toms 256

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Dude, my brother-in-law bought that car when it was new. I remember driving it the first week when he brought it home. He already had a regular Grand National and the dealer put him on the list to get this GNX. He was a collector of fast cars and had Vipers, Corvettes, Mustangs and others. I got to drive them all and this GNX was the best by far. Unfortunately he passed away a year ago. I will check with my sister to see if she still has any of the original paperwork. Good luck with the car. It brought back many good memories when I saw this post. He also had a pristine 68 Camaro Z28 and some guy bought it from him for his 16 year old kid. The kid totaled it within the first two weeks. Be careful with that Black Beauty.