GNX 205


Hey Guys i bought GNX 205 a couple of weeks ago it has 27k.Car was local a few things id like to do to put things in perspective Ive owned GNX 19 in the past so i know my buicks but one thing i forgot did the X come with 28lb injectors or 30Lb cant remember but i would like to replace them either way i was thinking of going with the 30 LB Tomco from kirbans i bought the in the past for one of my stock GN's and it workked and idled fine or should i go with the pintle type stock What are your thoughts


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Congrats on your recent purchase of #205!
The stock injectors on GNX's were the same 29.8# Bosch injectors as stock TR's. The Bosch part number is 0-280-150-218.

Here is a link to additional injector info:

With it being a GNX, I would lean towards going with the original injectors that came with the car rather than an aftermarket replacement.



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congrats on your new GNX! if it were me and i was not going to do any performance up grades i would send out and have them cleaned. just remember its your car do with it what YOU want, ENJOY!!!