Gnx #107??


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funny how the grammar is with these scams. dead give away. "bodywork is waxed regularly and polished"
who talks like that? freakin foreign dip****s.
posted in every state

This same listing is posted in almost every state with different phone numbers and locations. In all the emails you will find it is a general email and he could be talking about any car, that is because the scam is run with multiple cars. They should be strung up by their balls.:mad:
It really is amazing how many people fall for this type of scam. I recently had a half hour conversation with a guy that my friend knows. He was caught up in this scam for a couple of days with multiple emails. All very friendly emails. It was the scam "I will send you 9,000 for a car your asking only 6,000.00 for" and please wire the extra money to the shipper. After showing him this was an obvious scam, he still was not 100% sure. If I did not talk to him that day he would have been out 3,000.00 He is a car guy and really thought this guy was going to buy his car for the full price, that is how they get you.