GNs Are Jalopnik's #1 Future Classic


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As the owner of a TTA as well , it seems even at a very low number produced and 25 years old there is a small following of them as far as value/collectability. A GN and TTA with the same condition/miles side by side ,the GN will outsell it. Given the window stickers on these two cars , the GN will get well above it's orig window sticker , and I have yet to see one TTA get it's orig window sticker.
But , the mid/upper 70's Trans Ams seemed take off almost overnight in collectability/value , maybe the same could happen to the TTA's ?
Given that list , I would put my money on people collecting Irocs over TTA's , not saying they're worthy of it , but just saying.
It seems in the last year or so , GN values have gone up noticeably.