GN1 Champion racing heads

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Looking for 10's
these the ones you have to have the GN1 Valve covers and roller rockers for them to work or will the factory stuff (Rockers and Covers) Bolt on them and your good to go?


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They look like 14 bolt to me. o_O
they are 8 bolt , champ used same casting for 8 and 14 bolt.
the 8 bolt version looks identical on outside but under the covers has stock iron type pedestils and can run stock rocker shafts and stock covers , you also need specific length pushrods and specific bolts (or studs) to use these.
if you run T+D rockers you need the tall valve covers or rjc spacers for stock covers.
if you run T+D roller rockers you have to get them specific for gn1 aluminums , iron head T+Ds wont work.

the early 14 bolt got the pedestils milled off and individual chevy style rocker shafts drilled in for scorpion rockers , the extra bolt holes for stage (TA) blocks was drilled between the rocker studs.