GN Header Panel.


How about a good,quality header panel? There has to be a demand for these. ...and not something that is of such poor quality that it takes many hours of labor just to make it work.

My '87 GN needs one.


ya can send it to me

Hey... If you have the factory mold to make these stoopid header panels,I'll run right over with a check! It might go *bOiNg*,but we'd make a ton selling factory header panels.

Did you see my post in the Lounge? Poor Mr Black got backed into at Madison and Lake by some dood in a pickup (with trailer hitch)who missed a customers driveway. Ugh! He just put it in R and backed up!

Patching an already patched up header panel.

$3,700 sez his adjuster! Poor Mr Black.. And I hardly ever drive this thing!



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yeah I saw that. I can't believe the jerk did that!!! It must be killing you Capt. Steve. I know how determined you are to keep every single molecule on that car absolutely pristine!


Spool Fool is on the case.


Let's hope someone is! I now have two spare header panels from regular Regals. They both need tlc,so I'm not excited about using them. The cost of repair,time to install,etc. Plus,the ornament holes.. They never go away.

This is one picky group. Rightfully so.

I'm waiting for someone else to try a reproduction header panel before I am all in.


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Spool Fool is currently under construction with his header panel, when it comes out I'll be standing in line cash in hand, he builds top notch hardware.



some one posted the other day the Spoolfool is close to ready?

That would be a good thing. With winter coming,a header panel change would be a great project. I see some paint starting to bubble on mine. I'm the only one who noticed it,but still..

There's no hope for my header panel,which I can see isn't original. I can see hood ornamemt holes. Again,nobody else spotted them,but I did.

turbo 250

Wish someone would come up with a good replacement one.. needed one kept looking called many vendors,told an OEM used one $1000.00 and I pick it up.finally I found a complete non turbo car bought it


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Got tired of waiting so I decided to repair my original header Panel, also replace both bumper fillers.
Right now working in a cold garage sanding Header Panel, and both bumper fillers.
Afterwards, waiting for the warm climate to come, which only sucks since winter just started.


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if your is luck is like minds. Around the first of the year one of vendors will start carrying A/M header panals. .


Still waiting for someone to come out with a header panel that isn't junk.

My GN is going to the paint shop again. Pouring more money into this non-GN header panel. The ornament holes are showing and there's a crack.

It's like throwing money down the drain.


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I know my last post has been a while, but many things has happen, including the "honey to do list" and now I finally got the Header Panel, and Bumper Fillers painted.

In my last post I did some body fills to some normal road cracks, and scratches.

After block sanding the body fills, I used a 3M Respirator Painting Spraying Face Gas Mask, and apply 3 coats of black sandable primer, waited until the next day to block sanded with wet/dry 800, used tack cloth.

I spray 3 coats of SEM GM Factory Pack Black (WA8555), 12 oz Aerosol 19423, Wait 10 minutes for each coat.

After the last Black Base coat, I then spray 3 coats of USC 2k Glamour Clear Gloss Clear Coat Spray Max Aerosol, and Wait 10 minutes for each coats.

I was worry at first thinking that after spraying the clear coat I would need to compound to smooth out the orange peel, but finalizing all, it looks like I don't have to do nothing but put it all together.


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