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Jan 20, 2014
Hey Guys,

I know it's been awhile since I've been on here. Been caught up in other projects, job change, son became a cop, etc... been giving my GN a lot of love again.

There has to be MANY folks who have upgraded their sound systems in the GN in here.

I have some NOS, mid-to-late-80s Alpine audio gear I want to install in the GN. While I'm at it, I want to do it right but I don't need to win any auto sound awards. Clean loud sound and good base is my thing.

Car has factory radio/cassette now with Kenwood speakers in the dash and the package tray (4x10).

I have an Alpine single DIN head unit to put in, a .5 DIN EQ and I want to tackle the speakers and amps. I have one Alpine Amp already waiting to be used. I have the Metra mounting plate that holds the head unit and EQ so that part is easy.

Speakers???? Now it gets complicated - so many options on placement but I don't want to tear up the car significantly. For example, a company makes replacement kick panels with speakers but I have no desire to relocate my ecu-gn.

So, I was thinking..............tweeters only in the dash, get concert sound II lower doors panels and put 5 1/4" speakers there, either replace or remove the 4x10s and add TWO 10" subs. I have the GNX brace in the rear seat so I don't want subs that fire through the seat. I've heard someone say take out the 4x10s and angle the subs so they fire through the openings where the 4x10s were.

I can figure out the amps and wiring. What I am struggling with are the best locations for speakers and subs. There is all kind of new names for types of subs and I admit, I know very little about it.

Thanks in advance for any pointers... PFA not my car but mine will look similar once installed.


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Jun 6, 2001
I gave up on the factory gear. Since I could not use a back seat (A/C and intercooler lines are in the way) I built this structure for the rear area. It holds 2 Pioneer 8" woofers, one 10" Skar subwoofer, Sony + Orion amps power everything and the structure provides a good spot for the trunk-mounted A/C vents. I still need to install the grills, once those are installed you won't see the sub/amps etc. since it will all be blacked-out, right now everything is open as the system is new and I want things accessible for a couple more weeks. I installed a flip-screen Pioneer head unit, 4" dash tweeters with Focal 5.25" door woofer speakers. The Focal tweeters that came with the woofers were terrible, these Pioneers really sound nice. I designed adapter plates and had a shop 3D print them, this allows them to be installed in the factory location. I need to cut larger openings in the top dash panel and design metal grilles to fit over the tweeters. The sound is nice and crisp, if I crank it up its so loud The Who would be proud. I have a custom 230 amp alternator and sized everything so the charging system would not stumble.


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Jun 6, 2001
Finished the back seat area closeout panels this week. Just showing this to spark ideas, this was pretty easy to make, the hardest part was welding in brackets to provide a solid place to bolt-in the base panel.


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