GN # 2 getting painted.....


well GN #2 is getting painted :D as I deal with GN #1 no start problem. :mad: But I believe I have GN #1 sorted out. :) I will post pics shortly of GN #2 at body shop. I will be adding 18in x 9.5in all around , if the offset is right on the wheels im looking at.


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May want to remove any O2 sensors and plug the holes. More so if there is a WB O2 sensor on the car. For some reason paint shops tend to ruin o2 sensors. Can use a 18mm threaded spark plug to plug the holes (Autolite 386 works).

Can't wait to see the results of the paint...



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If you have a photobucket or some other online account to upload photos to, you can post links to the photos from where you uploaded the pictures to.

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Have them remove the backseat side windows and the attached rubber moldings before prep/painting.
Otherwise they mask it and the paint finish is irregular in that area.