GN 15” replica wheels & D5 converter

1984 t-type

Murphy's Law
Aluminum Grand National wheels (2) 15x7 (2) 15x8 wheels are in like new condition and have less than 1000 miles on them. Front tires are 235/60/15 Mickey Thompson Sportsman S/T and are like new rears are 255/60/15 Mickey Thompson Sportsman S/T and are down to the wear indicators and will need to be replaced. Comes with all caps and lugnuts. $650.00 plus shipping and PayPal fees or send as gift.

Restalled D5 converter, I have this up in another ad so sorry if this is against the rules. Price dropped to $250 shipped plus PayPal fees or send as gift.

Located in Mi 48111 if you want to pick up in person.


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If the buyer of the GN rim set doesn't want the tires,
I'd be interested in the front 235/60/15 Mickey Thompson Sportsman S/T's