gearing up for an overhaul


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So before the winter greeted us, I encountered a bit of an issue with the 'ole girl. When I swapped over to a roller setup I had awesome oil pressure using 10w-30 oil thanks to a brand new gm timing cover direct from earl with the correct clearances on the oil pump as well as the porting done beautifully. At cold startup oil pressure was about 60-62 psi and once warmed up came right down to 20psi. It rose with the rpms as it should. Fast forward to around end of September of last year, my oil pressure as cold startup dropped well below 60psi. It was around 55psi. Something fishy about that. Started to pay very close attention to the oil pressure while driving and when idling at a stop light once the engine was fully warmed. My hot idle dropped below 20psi. I got worried and after doing an oil change immediately after noticing these series of events, concluded that my bearings are just about gone and wearing away quickly.

Never to my knowledge got antifreeze in the oil, never blew a head gasket, only thing was when redoing the gaskets around the motor, I had some antifreeze drop into the cylinders a bit when removing the heads because I didn't drain it from the block. Never ran the engine after that, just did an oil change to get all the coolant out of the oil.

So lately I've been gearing up to do a full tear down, upgrade to some forged pistons and brand new bearings through out. Debating whether or not to do the cam bearings. Figure if doing the others, do those.
Bought a few micrometers and 2 bore gauges.
Found some really good deals on ebay for 2 Mitutoyo bore gauges, 1 Mitutoyo micrometer and working on getting a deal on an NSK micrometer.

On storage of these measuring tools, is it better to store them inside the home away from drastic temperature and humidity changes versus in the garage where those will occur?